Hope Flowers school has for over 35 years been a pioneer in constructive peace education for children in conflict areas. The school is focusing on children aged 5 to 14 who have been traumatised by conflict and who are exposed to poverty, malnutrition and lack of perspective. Eighty percent of the pupils is from Deheishe and other refugee camps in the area.

The team at Hope Flowers School uses its unique educational approach to face up to the difficult circumstances in Palestine as a direct result of the continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Teachers integrate pedagogical insights and techniques of peace building into the curriculum, such as: handling difficult situations and frustration; expressing emotions and thoughts; discussing and deciding together in group conversations; cooperation; and active listening.

A fine example of this special education in the curriculum is the ‘compassionate listening’ programme. It is for the pupils, but also for their parents and other family members.

Hope Flowers