The Community Center coordinates a.o. the following activities with the school:

  • community building around the – e.g. monthly meetings with/for parents
  • volunteer work in the neighbourhood and for the school – e.g. gardening the trees and shrubbery around the school, simple maintenance work of the building
  • child protection programme – psycho-social support for children, also for kids from the neighbourhood that do not attend the school, so as to show parents that the school is there for the whole community; this also includes the provision of warm meals via the school for children with malnutrition
  • cooperation through sports – playing at sports together is a first step towards teaching children to cooperate peacefully and democratically
  • information sessions – as a part of the social work in the neighbourhood, there are e.g. workshops for (conservative) mothers to teach them about the health risks of marrying off their daughters at a young age
  • trainings – for teachers at the school, e.g. the “trauma handling” programme
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