Covid-19 update

As the school building is temporarily closed, pupils are learning and making their assignments at home

Hope Flowers Foundation has three pillars of activity: Hope Flowers School for elementary education; Hope Flowers Center for community development; and Radio Zouhour for providing information mixed with culture.

Hope Flowers School has been a pioneer in constructive peace education for over 30 years. The school focuses on children aged 5 to 14 who have been traumatised by conflict and who are exposed to poverty, malnutrition and lack of perspective. The mission: “we are educating for the well-being of humanity”.

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The Hope Flowers Community Center works to strengthen the local community with professional training and activities that focus on ’empowerment’.

The key concept is ‘post-conflict recovery’. The Center is here for the needs of people living under the pressures of occupation by another country.

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Radio Zouhour broadcasts practical information mixed with culture, in line with the philosophy of Hope Flowers.

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